Mariane- Extraordinary beauty. Thank you for all you do for us. The party was fabulous. Christine

(Board of Trustees, Syracuse University 2019)

A. J. Miller landscape just completed a rather large job redesigning perennials beds around our home in a wooded landscape in a very professional and timely manner. Mariane’s knowledge of plant materials and trees that would work in our setting was wonderful. She also designed some fencing and firewood structure that is a work of art as well as ideas for the hardscape. Definitely plan on using A. J. Miller again in the future.

(Cindy Accordino, September 2018),

I know little about outdoor plants or plants in general. We just moved into our new home with dated landscaping in the front. I could have hired a landscaper but probably been offered a mundane set and arrangement of plants. We wanted something unique and less stilted then most of the homes in our area. I found Mariane through her website and was pleased by the variety of looks she is capable of creating. We met and I was impressed with her ability to read through my ineptitude and design a plan that would be pleasing. Landscape Architects are professionals and are not inexpensive. She coordinated with local landscapers and nursery and the project evolved quickly. I am pleased with the outcome and would happily recommend her to anyone who wants something more for their outdoor landscape.

(Mark Franklin, October 2018)

In looking on the Internet for a landscape architect to consult with on some design ideas for my back yard, A. J. miller really stood out. The gallery of their work displayed an elegance and design sense that seemed to be cut above the rest. I made an appointment with Mariane who stopped over the following week. Mariane sized up my situation rather quickly and proposed a number of really great ideas. I was impressed with the depth of her knowledge about every aspect of landscape architecture. What also impressed me- besides her fabulous British accent!- was her reasonableness and practicality. Mariane showed me how we could bump things up a notch in ways I hadn’t thought of. She also sent me a number of photos to show me what she had in mind. Mariane had a very appealing “can do” positivity, was very friendly yet professional, and highly knowledgeable and creative. It was a true pleasure working with her. I HIGHLY recommend A. J. Mille Landscape Architecture!

(Robert Attridge, July 2018)

 Mariane is a talented and client focused landscape designer with a big dose of common sense and an amazing connection to this climate. She designed, refined, bid out, contracted and installed a challenging project on raw land in Skaneateles Lake in about nine months…and we are weekend people, meaning she was the driving force. Mariane’s plant selection is exceptional – welcome garden is already stunning, can’t wait to see next summer when is comes into it’s own! Mariane worked well with our contractor, negotiating the details of the design around the driveway, septic field and other infrastructure. My only wish is that we had has Mariane on the design team from the beginning of the site and house design. Highly recommended.

(Christine Larsen, June 2018)

Can’t say enough about A. J. miller Landscape Architecture. We have been the installation company for a wonderful project we have been working on together for the past season. The homeowner wanted a unique, tasteful, and beautiful design, for her amazing new home, and that’s exactly what she got. Mariane’s attention to detail was commendable, and her knowledge of planting for the area was beyond impressive. It was fun to be part of something so exquisite. Something that fro years to some will cause jaws to drop as people drive by this amazing work of live art.

(Paradise Grounds, LLC July 2017 7 2018)

Mariane is a pleasure to work with. She brings beautiful, creative and innovative ideas to the table at every meeting. Her concepts with plants as well as hardscaping were spot on. For our project she brought a traditional, European sensibility, which is what we were looking for and had not quite found elsewhere. She uses interesting and uncommon plant materials. We are still receiving compliments on our garden, years after the work was done.

(Rachel Glazer, July 2003)

A. J. Miller Landscape architecture, is a true leader in their field, offering vast experience, knowledge, and hands on working relationship with professions and clients. Their designs seamlessly integrate into the sites they are improving and she has a long-view approach that meets the needs of her clients. We have thoroughly working with A. J. Miller Landscape Architecture and highly recommend their services to clients and design/architectural firms for collaboration.

(Taylored Architecture PLLC, November 2017-2018-2019)

Mariane was a pleasure to work for throughout the entire handrail process. She has vast knowledge and understanding in her line of work. We would strongly recommend using her as a consultant when it comes to landscape architecture and conceptual design.

(Scott Paskell @ Specialty Welding and Fabrication of New York, December 2015)

Mariane, from A. J. Miller Landscape Architectural, designed the perfect patio for us. She studied the area, listened to our ideas and came up with a gorgeous solution. She was extremely professional, and knowledgeable about both plants and hardscape materials. We recommend A. J. MILLER LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE highly.

(Susan Sullivan Clark Interiors, March 2016)

I hired the firm to design & coordinate a heated driveway and renovated epoxy finished garage slab. Their planning and attention to detail was very thorough and the contractor they found to do the work was A-one. As sometimes happens the work required on-site alterations and Mariane quickly gave site instructions to keep the project moving. We were very happy with finished project. Mariane Wheatley-miller and her firm get me vote for best in Syracuse!

(Andy VonDeak, September 2015 & 2018)

 I bought my home 3 years ago and have been stumped about landscaping it. The plantings are old and tired and I want to add flower gardens and fruit trees. I hired A. J. Miller to help me devise a master plan (including all the ideas the family has floated, some of which need to be done and some are simply dreams t this point.) Mariane met with me, talk through my ideas and wants, and came up with a plan more beautiful that I have ever dreamed of. I’m delighted with the results and will consult her again as I take the steps to implement her great ideas!

(K.S.Corley May 2014)

Mariane Wheatley-Miller created an extensive and detailed plan to restore a multi-acre site and compliment a new family vacation home designed for all seasons. Her extensive knowledge of native trees and plants has yielded a lush natural landscape of wooded tracts, mowed areas for recreation, and multiply gardens with interconnecting pathways. Her detailed custom manual for maintenance ensures that the landscape will thrive and remain true to the original design.

(R.I.Kendall September 2010)

We invited A. J. Miller Landscape Architects (amongst other) to provide a competitive quotation to design my father’s garden. Within a few weeks from the initial visit our garden had been designed and within 2 weeks after that, the contractors were on site working. A. J. Miller landscape architecture and in particular Mariane was professional, courteous, very knowledgeable and extremely helpful at all times. The work is now completed and it looks great and had added to the home value considerably.

(RhodesW, August 2013)

We just finished a new house in the Finger Lakes and used Mariane to plan and execute a large landscaping project. The site was very challenging to begin with (steep with a lot of water issues) and we wanted a low maintenance garden with native plants, retaining walls and paving etc. and a modern esthetic. She and her team did a great job. She was efficient, organized and fun to work with. She planned a beautiful approach to a difficult site, and yet paid enough attention to detail that we have trees for birds to enjoy raspberries to pick! Plus when it rains all the water had a place to go. I would use her again without hesitation.

(AKaymen, April 2013)

Mariane Wheatley-miller stands behind her design work and really spends the time to get involved with the installation process…she makes sure the implementation is true to the design intent. She is a pleasure to work with and I would be happy to work with her again.

We are currently finishing a large planting installation on Skaneateles Lake, which Mariane had designed. She has routinely been on site to mark out plant and tree locations so there is no guesswork for the foreman. I know the crew has really appreciated  -

(Landscape East, 2013-2019)

A.  J. Miller Landscape Architecture is a wonderful business to work with. They helped us totally redesign our back yard complete with a gunite pool, outdoor fireplace, gardens and yard for sports. They think outside of the box. Their designs are very unique and well thought out. Our backyard is now a showcase!

(Ajreviewer October 2009)

We have had the pleasure of working with A. J. Miller Landscape Architecture PLLC for the past year and a half in which they volunteered their time and talents to design a Healing Garden for our new CNY Ronald McDonald House. We were able to take the design and then work in partnership with businesses and organizations that were willing to donate significant pieces of the project. Mariane Wheatley-Miller produced a thoughtful and creative design with our key constituents in mind to best meet our needs and the needs of our guest families. We are grateful for the invaluable services provided to us and consider A. J. Miller Landscape Architecture PLLC a valued partner.

(Ronald McDonald House, March 2012)

It has been a pleasure to work with A. J. Miller Landscape Architecture for the past 12 years. We appreciate Mariane’s attention to detail in creating beautiful gardens and gathering spaces on our property.

(Peggy LeKander 2007-2019)

We have worked with Mariane Wheatley-Miller from A. J. Miller Landscape Architecture for the past two years on a large therapeutic garden for a local healthcare client. Mariane is a talented designer with an eye for detail and coordination. She has been passionate about her work from the beginning and has guided the project from concept to construction with her considerable knowledge and experience. She champions native plantings and sustainable design concepts. She has collaborated well with our architectural team and has provided timely and courteous service throughout the project. We would recommend A. J. Miller Landscape Architecture’s services to any client and look forward to working with them in the future.

(Sche5238 June 2013)

A very thoughtful and decisive group of designers. Their horticultural knowledge is accentuated by a thorough and complete understanding of the materials they use- carefully composed to meet the intended function.

I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with them on multiply occasions and can confidently say that they possess a very fundamental grasp of ‘site’ that eludes most architects. Understanding that design is a careful amalgamation of contextual, habitual and ecological forces at play- gracefully aging with time rather that becoming outdated. My highest regards.

(2244la. September 2009)

 They are very talented designers. They have extensive knowledge of plants, their habits and the best ways to use them. Mariane is wonderful to work with. Their designs are organic in nature, taking into account the entire property and the homeowners’ interests and concerns. You will not regret hiring A. J. Miller Landscape Architecture for your next landscaping project.

(thebestlandcapers, July 2010-2019)

One of, if not the best Landscape designers that we have ever worked with. Their knowledge of plants and their use is unsurpassed. Delightful to work with and passionate about the end result. Would highly recommend their work.

(Lansflowerfarm, 2012-2019)