Phase 2 completed. by Mariane Wheatley-miller

See the phase 2 completion of this site summer of 2016. All that is left to do is a new paved driveway. Two trees and plantings next to the driveway, with new paving front the driveway to the rear garden steps. We also have the upper rear garden plant bed to do, the planting here consists of white, greens, grey and silver plants and 'Hens & Chicks' planted in-between the paver gaps.

At the side of the house infant of the concrete wall are more plants like Annabelle Hydrangea that will match the front wall. Final planting in the fall of 2017 will be bulb planting for spring interest.

The house and concrete wall will eventually be repainted so as the color palette and modern style of the landscape design will be seamless.